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 About Us

 Data + AI + Domain Knowledge = Right Solution

Our clients, engagements and projects span multiple industries including Financial Services and Insurance; Retail, Ecommerce, Media and Entertainment; Travel, Aviation, Transportation and Logistics; and Health Care. We bring relevant experience in traditional and non-traditional data and analytics to solve enterprise level problems across Risk, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer, Digital, Mobile, and Social functional areas.  


We combine internal and external, primary and secondary, structured and unstructured data, big and meta-, and machine and expert data using relational and NoSQL databases to create data hubs and analytic software that

  • Store the unprocessed data in enterprise data lakes and data warehouses;

  • Fuse and process the data to employ machine learning, statistical, economic, optimization, and simulation models and algorithms to derive actionable insights;

  • Render the data and analytic insights using appropriate data visualization tools; and

  • Deliver insights using cloud, business intelligence, decision support, rules-engine, digital and mobile technologies to implement business process work flows.


Our suite of processes, products and services include:

  • Master data management to ensure that the data driving business actions are accurate and complete;

  • Data governance solutions to address and fix the data quality problems; 

  • Data engineering solutions to ensure that efficient technologies are used for optimal storage, retrieval and analysis of the data;

  • Data science solutions to embed the right algorithms and tools to maximally derive the organizational insights with efficient and accurate computations; and 

  • Cloud and on premise versions of the solutions to provide the secure choices to every organization type.


Our team consists of domain experts, data scientists, data engineers, computer scientists, and data analysts. Our leaders have a joint experience of over a hundred years in business analytics and technology.  We keep abreast of the ever-changing business climate, analytical methods, and technology stacks so that we can apply the right process, talent and techniques to solve our client problems.  Our global workforce helps clients with customized consulting, implementation and managed services engagements. We help our clients benefit from rigorous data and information practices, profitable and cost-effective decisions, and efficient analytic platforms.

Our Founder, President and CEO
Dr. Beju Rao, PhD.jpg
Beju Rao, PhD | +1 804 822 2079


Dr. Beju Rao, PhD, is a distinguished figure in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the Founder, President, and CEO of Amruta Inc, he has been instrumental in designing and implementing Explainable AI (XAI) software and services. These solutions have been pivotal in enhancing revenue, profitability, safety, compliance, and reputation across various corporations, agencies, and organizations worldwide. Dr. Rao’s XAI-based solutions address the opacity and complexity of AI, yielding a remarkable 25-fold return on investment. His career, spanning over 36 years, is marked by a consultative approach that involves situation assessment, precise needs identification, organizational readiness preparation, and information-based strategies. This approach has empowered numerous enterprises to reap innovative and significant business benefits.

Before establishing Amruta Inc in June 2014, Dr. Rao held the position of Founding-Principal and Chief Scientist at Axtria, Inc. He also served in various risk management roles at Capital One, including as the Omnibus Model Risk Officer during the great recession. In addition to his corporate achievements, Dr. Rao has made significant contributions to academia as an Adjunct Professor at several universities. His research and innovation have been recognized with three patents and over 100 external and internal publications. Dr. Rao is a sought-after speaker and producer on topics such as innovating with AI without its risks, outsmarting AI, AI guardrails, and AI-based economic and digital transformations. He also serves on the advisory board of FinRegLab, among other community and volunteer activities. Dr. Rao holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Texas A&M University. His work continues to influence the field of AI, shaping its future while mitigating its risk.

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