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Explainable AI

Explainable AI (XAI) builds decision-makers’ trust in data science, machine learning, and AI-based predictions and outcomes. This trust leads to the implementation of responsible, fair, ethical, courteous, and safe AI, resulting in billions of dollars in business and societal value. Amruta Inc’s software platform enables this value realization.

Clients integrate Amruta Inc’s software into their web, cloud, on-premise, and edge/IoT infrastructures, enabling multiple use cases, such as fraud detection, customer identification, underwriting, portfolio monitoring and management, risk identification and mitigation, safety and compliance, population health management, operational and systems performance improvement, demand forecasting, e-discovery, revenue management, price optimization, supply chain, and logistics operations, maintenance and overhaul, customer engagement, ratings and reputation, content management, and digital and mobile commerce, among others.

Amruta Inc’s platform has been implemented across industries at more than 31 corporate, commercial, non-profit, and governmental clients.


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