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Risk Analytics

Transactional Fraud

Transaction modeling estimates the fraud rules using the behavioral and other data of the customers with a continuous analysis. The fraud rules models can be customized for retailers, banks and insurance companies.

Attrition Scores

Attrition models and scores help identify the behavioral, demographic and other attributes that have a detrimental impact on customer tenure

Sanctions Monitoring

Sanctions monitoring tool tests the effectiveness sanctions filter in screening the customer names and transactions at global banking and financial services organizations

Counterparty Risk Rating

Counterparty Rating tool provides risk scores for organizations with which an enterprise conducts credit, trade and other business. The scores are used to configure the credit limits, trading limits, and operational risk

Credit Risk Scoring

Credit Risk tool is used for granting, managing, and collecting different types of consumer and commercial loans. The tool is integrated with the application, underwriting, account management and recoveries decision engines

Credit and Operational Risk Capital and Loss Forecasting

Expected and unexpected (tail probability and stressed) loss forecasts are generated for different portfolio segments as well as for the overall assets

E-discovery and Forensics

The numeric and text data based investigative toolset is used for generating investigative insights for identifying root causes for operational failures as well as for classifying the content for human investigator review

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