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Ecommerce and Retail

Multi-Channel Marketing and ROI Funnels

Email marketing, direct marketing, online (banner) advertising, SEM and SEO marketing, and mobile and social marketing ROI funnels from the channel impressions through product sales

Customer Behavior and Experience Across Multiple Channels and Customer Data Hub

Customer 360 views, business intelligence, and analytics on awareness, consideration, engagement, loyalty and retention, upsell/cross-sell, and customer lifetime value

Online, Mobile and In-Store Shopping Paths and Purchase Events

Omni-channel customer relationship management for trigger based marketing, contextual targeting, recommender engines, intelligent call centers, content provisioning, social marketing, and mobile marketing

Pricing and Merchandising

Customer preferences, bundled pricing, opaque pricing, sales forecasting, and assortment planning

Store and Warehouse Locations and Operations

Distribution and store/branch network planning, inventory control and safety stocks, shelf-replenishment, reverse logistics, procurement pricing, and auctions and liquidation pricing

Supplier/Manufacturer Interactions

Deal evaluation for retailers, collaborative supply chains, partnership credit cards, chargeback fraud, revenue sharing, co-op promotions, and markups

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