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Experience Big Data with Accelerated AI Outcomes
Analytics and Data Science

Discover important insights, predict, optimize, and make smarter decisions

Build platforms and processes to intake, transform and fuse data, and deploy analytical models into the enterprise

Implement custom software and hardware within on premise infrastructure or in cloud for executive and operational data experience

Our XAI platform adds rich explanation to your modeling that enables you draw the right conclusions every time, without any data ever leaving your computer, cloud or infrastructure.

Visual Design and Interactive Information
Data Engineering and Model Management
  • Financial Services

  • Ecommerce and Retail

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Health Care

  • Customer Analytics

  • Risk Analytics

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Supply Chain Analytics

Why Amruta Inc
Amruta Inc is a Washington DC based fast-growing data analytics company offering on premise, edge/IoT, and cloud based big data and AI products and services. We implement customized analytic solutions for our clients by integrating business context with technology and data science. As an operationalized explainable AI software platform, we expedite implementation of data-driven insights and user-friendly software, improving clients' revenue, profitability, safety, compliance, and reputation. Our platform democratizes AI by enabling business and data analysts to build explainable models as simply as on their desktops among cloud and other infrastructure, and it allows for data scientists to build AI and ML models ten times faster. Accelerated AI combined with transparent outcomes increases the solution adoption, resulting in 25 times the return on implementation costs. When you implement Amruta Inc OXAI platform your data never leaves your cloud or local machines. Our platform goes to your data!
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