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AI innovation without its mainstream risks
Corporations, agencies and organizations critically depend on data to improve revenue, profitability, safety, compliance and reputation.
Volume and speed of today's data environments demand robust AI/ML without exposing data to unauthorized users.

Amruta Inc adds rich explanations to your data and AI enabling the right decision every time without your data ever leaving your computer, cloud or infrastructure.

Explainable AI builds user trust and eliminates unintended and catastrophic AI risks.
Trusted AI innovation
Trusted AI innovation
Opacity of AI, despite its high accuracy, places users in the dark on how it generates its output. Not knowing reasons for the output many, rightful, guarded users either ignore the AI or manually regenerate the output. Complexity of AI means generating the reasons requires a robust process to demystify the data used, AI architecture trained, and inferencing process. Current AI practices ignore the complexity. Amruta Inc's software makes your AI transparent.
Safe AI deployment
Safe AI deployment
Implementing AI without understanding its output results in false positives and blind spots. Besides not reaping the achievable revenue and other benefits, the false positives and blind spots result in billions of dollars in regulatory fines, reputation loss due to irresponsible products, and legal costs and societal harm due to wrong decisions. Amruta Inc's software proactively identifies AI's fallacies to eliminate its risks to maximize the benefits. 
Why Amruta Inc

Amruta Inc’s AI/ML and explainable AI products and services enable trusted AI innovation and safe AI deployment. Corporate, governmental, organizational, data and analytics executives and decision-makers increase AI models in production from the current average level of 54% to 90+% using Amruta Inc's AI/ML and explainable AI accelerators. Additionally, this improved level of adoption is achieved with an order of magnitude increase in innovation and deployment speeds. Our clients reduce false positives and blind spots in their business decisions and mission operations through our cause & effect and actionable narratives as well as contextual and optimal outcomes, resulting in 250+% return on their AI investments. Multiple stakeholders interact with the role-specific explainable AI narratives to affect and control the AI outcomes.

Why Amruta Inc
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