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Amruta Inc’s CEO Invited to Deliver Guest Lecture at UC Davis Graduate School of Management

Amruta Inc’s CEO Dr. Beju Rao was invited to deliver a guest lecture to students of Applications Domain class in the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

Dr. Rao described how Explainable AI technology is essential for every business or governmental organization that aspires to be data-driven in its decision making and hyper-competitive in its marketplaces. He told the students that modern business executives should master the management of Explainable AI and its emerging cousin Interpretable AI.

He spoke about Amruta Inc’s Explainable AI platform elaborating on insurance claims fraud detection and IT infrastructure proactive monitoring use cases. He taught how the platform can be used to build trust of business stakeholders in ML and AI-based predictions and recommendations.

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