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Amruta Inc Releases Web App for Explainable AI

Amruta Inc, an Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data company, released a Web Application (App) that highlights data and variables driving the predictions. These explanations help decision makers gain trust in the predictions. Equipped with this trust, decisions can be implemented effectively, since the decision makers can use the explanations to get the buy in from other stakeholders.

App’s Product Manager Vinh Nguyen says, “I’m very excited about launching the App. Currently it provides multiple types of explanations for various ML predictions. We are already working on adding new explainability methods and ML algorithms. Our monthly new releases of the App will eventually contain deep learning model-based predictions and explanations, as well as a one-stop comprehensive explainability stack.”

Amruta Inc’s CEO Dr. Beju Rao says that the App is a critical part of our vision of making our clients hyper competitive by operationalizing the AI, ML and Big Data models. “As we integrate the App and its explanations with domain-specific decision workflows and robotic process automation, our clients will continue to reap strategic and transformative values,” he expands.

Users can work with default datasets in the App. They can load their own dataset to build a model and get explanations for its predictions. They can also load a previously (built and) saved model along with a dataset to get explanations for it.

Please email Vinh Nguyen for details on how to get access to the App. The App is available for a monthly subscription fee.

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