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Amruta Inc presents Optimal Scheduling of Patient Appointments Under Uncertainty at INFORMS

Amruta Inc presented at INFORMS Healthcare 2023 conference in Toronto, Canada, held from July 26 to 28, 2023. Dr. Beju Rao, PhD, led the session on scheduling talks.

Dr. Beju Rao, Vishwa Makesh (shown above), and other coauthors started off by talking about how providers are operating in a challenging environment: staff burnout, supply shortages, anxious patients, and revenue changes. These challenges are impacting patient appointment scheduling, resulting in longer patient waiting times to get an appointment and during appointments. Providers' staff are burdened by COVID-19 protocols and increased patient volumes. They are also experiencing longer idle times and overtime work. The authors presented prediction and optimization (AI/ML/OR) methods that enable optimal scheduling policies and practices to reduce patient waiting and provider idle times and increase patients seen and revenue.


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