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How do You Reap Benefits from an LLM's Text Generation Capability without its Risks?

Deloitte and Amruta Inc delivered a two-hour workshop at Voice and AI 2023, in Washington DC.

Have you been enamored by the text generation capability of ChatGPT and similar LLM based conversations? Are you using or planning to use it across your enterprise, organizational and agency use cases? What safeguards do you need against risks such as LLMs' hallucinations? In this knowledge-packed, hands-on and must-attend workshop, Deloitte and Amruta Inc described and discussed reaping LLM's innovation rewards without its risks.

Speakers included Dr. Beju Rao, PhD, from Amruta Inc and Adarsh Gosu, Deloitte, Managing Director, Life Sciences & Health Care, and Jason Dsouza, Deloitte Consulting, Principal Data Scientist.


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